How to Get Support

The Center for Water Quality Excellence (CWQE) is a support center that helps farmers, local governments, businesses and organizations better understand and navigate planning, implementation and funding opportunities in urban and agricultural stormwater management. The CWQE is a pilot program operating in Lancaster and York counties in 2021-2023 and is funded by the PA Investment Infrastructure Authority, otherwise known as PENNVEST.
Support is provided in several different ways:

CWQE Support Hub

An online self-service support portal available 24/7 ( allows you to ask questions, request support and search a digital library of stormwater resources. An intuitive SEARCH tool provides access to helpful articles, program news, program profiles, subject matter articles, and links to high quality resources. The Support Hub resources are accessible to the public at no charge.

Visit the Knowledge Base Library now.

Request Assistance

One-on-one support is available to interested farmers, local government entities, organizations and institutional and business landowners within Lancaster and York counties.

You can request assistance through the Support Hub or by calling 855-227-1202. CWQE staff will help move you to the next level of planning, design, or implementation with information, support, points of contact, program expectations, and application details.

Only those located in Lancaster and York counties can request personalized assistance; however, the online Support Hub’s library of resources can be accessed by the general public 24/7.

Register at the Support Hub now.

Mobile Education Center

A van equipped with CWQE resources takes our services on the road targeting key events. Call 855-227-1202 to request a mobile CWQE visit to your event.

Technology Tools

Web-based maps and easy-to-use technology tools can help support operations and management of best management practices (BMPs). For example, tools are available to simplify on-farm assessments, creating pesticide and fertilizer use records, and inspecting stormwater BMPs. 

PESTlogics SaaS, Farm*A*Syst, and BMP inspection tools are available.